RE: Importing Fish to Western Canada

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RE: Importing Fish to Western Canada

Regarding this Ask IR question, if they have a Whole Foods Market near them, it might carry Icelandic products as they are the largest importer of Icelandic foods to North America.

I live near Seattle WA, USA, about 250 kms from Vancouver, BC, Canada. and I can get Icelandic farm-raised salmon and cod at Whole Foods, which has several stores in the Vancouver BC area but I cannot confirm they carry Icelandic products at the Canadian stores - but expect they do - same company both sides of the USA-Canada border.

Saying Western Canada is similar to saying Western Europe. Whole Foods is in BC (British Columbia), but not in Alberta and Saskatchewan. As far as Paris is from Berlin! If Icelandair flies there, fish should be available.

I can also get smjör (butter). I just pulled a package from my refrigerator to see these details, as well as skyr.

While I cannot get hangikjöt, I can get fresh Icelandic lamb Sep-Nov at Whole Foods. Same price as the (inferior, in my view) New Zealand lamb.

Iceland Review has covered Whole Foods imports of Icelandic products in the past.

I lived in Iceland 15+ years ago for 2+ years, before the boom and bust. So I look at Iceland Review a couple of times to see what is happening in Iceland. I can't read anymore (never could speak Icelandic beyond the basics, could read it). I knew all the Icelandic words above, no Google translate (nor babelfish, etc) used in this email..

I think some Icelandic entrepreneur should export the "healthy" Omega-3 oil used to cook French Fries at the gas stations (fish oil and franskar) - knowing the potatoes at my local Shell Oil were frozen McCain from Canada but the oil had Icelandic markings on the boxes - no idea if it was a blend of fish oil and imported oil, but it is good.

Robert Gardner