The End of the End of The World

Readers Corner

The End of the End of The World

We will be in Iceland again at New Year's and again, for a 'significant' wedding anniversary next summer. But, and I never thought I would say this, it may be the last time we come to Iceland.

Yes Páll, Iceland is full, and we would feel guilty contributing to the expanding rat-race. I realize that our not-coming will not make for sleepless nights for anyone in the tourism industry. And the future? Us two will be replaced with a dozen more tourists, the hotels and guest houses will be full - even more reason to build some more, prices for everything will double and the Flybus will be replaced by a high-speed train service dropping the masses into the heart of Reykjavik every few minutes. Just like London in fact. Have you been to London recently?

Land owners are concerned about the way tourists trample the land and leave rubbish strewn everywhere, and yet no-one with the authority is making any effort to limit access, either to specific sites of interest or to Iceland as a whole. More flights to Keflavik means more visitors.
Don't think I'm in favour of 'charging' for entrance. I'm not. In fact a fee being charged is unlikely to have any affect on visitor numbers as the person who makes the financial commitment to come to Iceland in the first place is unlikely to be put-off by a $10 entrance fee. So, all you'll get is more visitors and more money - for some.

Tony Gomm
Winchester, UK