Unforgettable "Nonni" (Jón Svensson) died 70 years ago

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Unforgettable "Nonni" (Jón Svensson) died 70 years ago

70th Anniversary of Jón Svensson’s Demise

On October 16, 2014, friends of the unforgettable Icelandic story-teller and author Jón Svensson – nicknamed “Nonni” – will commemorate all over the world the date of his demise in Cologne/Germany.

He was buried on Melatenfriedhof in Cologne. At his grave Deutsch-Isländische Gesellschaft e.V. Köln (German Icelandic Society in Cologne) will meet with Nonni’s admirers and Nonni book readers thus honouring “Nonni” by a speech and laying down a wreath.

The ceremony on Thursday, 16 October, will start at 5 p.m., followed by a memorial service at 6.30 p.m. in the chapel of St. Franziskus Hospital, Köln-Ehrenfeld, where Jón Svensson had died peacefully at the age of 87 on October 16, 1944.

Everybody is welcome to attend these ceremonies. It would be nice if you bring some flowers and/or candles.

Thus we prove the saying “Dead are only those who are forgotten!” Nonni is still alive among us readers.

That can be shown further by the following new editions/releases:

- “Gottes Bodenpersonal” (God’s Ground Staff) by Ludwig Gschwind, Media Maria Verlag 2014. 39 unusual curricula of Catholic priests. Pages 74-76: “Jón Svensson – genannt Nonni. Island, die unvergessene Heimat” (Jón Svensson, called Nonni. Iceland the unforgotten home country).
- „A Journey Across Iceland“ by Jón Svensson, edited by John Wilhelmsson, San José/California, August 2014. The first English publication as a book of his travel report in 1894 “Et Ridt gennem Island”.
- “Emil und der kleine Skundi” + “Nonni und Manni”, double dvd, released 14.07.2014 by KSM. The first is based on the story “Emil og Skundi” by Guđmundur Ólafsson, the second is the famous TV series of 1988.
- In preparation: Translation into Russian of “Nonni im Schneesturm” (Nonni in the snow storm). The publication is planned for 2015.

The above mentioned examples of recent publications fill me with hope that after 01.01.2015 which means 70 years after Jón Svensson’s death more editors/ publishers will re-edit the adventurous Nonni books, because by then copyright will be commonfree – according to German law. Maybe you know someone who wants to transform some Nonni adventures even into Comics or Mangas??

Many thanks for you attention!

Nonni-Fan Friederika Priemer

Friederika Priemer