Summary of my First Halloween Ever

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Summary of my First Halloween Ever

I was happy my first Halloween, here in the amazing Iceland.

I felt great. It was fun to see myself dressed up and the others too. I had fun with my friends. I decided to make a long walk in downtown in order see some people with interesting costumes or if somebody were already dressed up like me (if somehow my idea had been already copied). They were many interesting or even odd ones, like a guy, representing the male doll Ken, but in a wrapping box...Real funny , and while walking and observing the crowd, another question came up in my mind, is there any connection between the costumes and the people's personality?

Are the costumes showing a part of what people hide inside? Or the opposite, to hide themselves. May be that's the reason why everyone is waiting so patiently to put a mask, so it's like putting a fake smile, when nothing is ok... well i will be in searching to find the answers... and really some people they don't need Halloween, they are so two-faced so all their life are Halloween performes, one sick lifetime play showing nothing else but their fake nature...

Teodora Milinkova, Bulgaria

Teodora Milinkova