Tourists Not Visiting Iceland’s Pools

Readers Corner

Tourists Not Visiting Iceland’s Pools

It was February 2014 when I responded to Einar Bárðarson's comment that people should use the pools more. Obviously in the last year he has figured-out that most tourists don't come to Iceland to go swimming. Why? Well I'm guessing most visitors are in the country for only a few days, a week or so at the most. And, given the cost of getting here, they want to cram-in as much of the unusual that Iceland has to offer as possible in their limited visit.

For most people, even if they like social swimming, there's nothing 'unusual' about an Icelandic pool that they can't get at home. OK, swimming in winter, out-of-doors, is a novelty, and the odour of the sulfur in a geothermally heated pool is an experience. Speaking personally I've not been in a public swimming pool since 1989. Do I miss it? No. Would I miss not seeing Jokulsarlon or Gullfoss? Yes. And for most visitors that is probably the choice they make.

Tony Gomm