Want a pee? Insert credit card here>>>>>>

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Want a pee? Insert credit card here>>>>>>

We were at Gullfoss today for our annual foss-fest! OK, charging to enter the site has not been introduced, although you probably more than pay for the up-keep if you buy a $200 woollen sweater or a stuffed Puffin toy. However the latest money-making scheme, one that has yet to be adopted country-wide in Iceland, is the 'pay-to-pee' attraction at the side of the car-park. And yes, credit cards accepted if you don't have the neccessary 200-Isk in small change. 200-Isk is around £1.00 UK or $1.40 US. probably the most expensive pee I've ever had...!

The two ladies in front of me took photos of the turnstile and were intending to get it onto Facebook and YouTube. Watch this space.....

Tony Gomm

United Kingdom