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Lonely By Nature

“Lonely by Nature” is a long-term documentary project about Iceland. It is a journey to discover the identity of the country after the crisis, at the same time trying to add a personal features from a personal point of view implying telling the eternal and universal dialectic between man and nature in an “extreme” landscape.

In 2008 Iceland was hit hard by the economic crisis. But in recent years the country has undergone a miraculous recovery, having become a model for extraordinary achievements: the refusal to turn the debts resulting from the failing banks into common debts, the draft of a new constitution by crowdsourcing, and the use of funds from speculative financing to pay off the loans of citizens.

The island has chosen to step back (or forward?), down to earth, based upon its green policy and economy focussing on sustainable energy based on natural resources. As a matter of fact the farms are again inhabited, the sheep are back grazing on the fields. The rhythm of nature is back to mark the times of life.

These events are the reasons for my trying a personal approach based upon my personal experience with this country. It has been an experience as a guest- worker, living on a farm as part of an Icelandic family.

There are four stages and four chapters, each linked to different seasons, different temperatures and the different quantity of light involved. The fleeting light in Iceland with its permanent changes, is the unifying element of the project.

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Andrea Roversi

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