Don't Forget the Real Heroes

Readers Corner

Don't Forget the Real Heroes

"Lars Lagerbäck is no doubt the most beloved man in Iceland today". Well for many the efforts of the national football team will have helped Icelanders to walk tall for a while. Until it suffers a crushing defeat, of course. And that is the temporary reality of success in sport.

There are, however, real heroes walking the streets of Reykjavik whose names and photographs will never appear on the front page of Morgunblaðið. I refer to the doctors and nurses who save lives on a daily basis, and without who so many peoples' lives would be changed permanently.

Society frequently praises, and rewards over-generously, those who temporarily raise the profile of their nation, but forget and treat poorly this anonymous band of selfless workers. My message for today? Love and respect your medical workers. You never know when they might save your life.

Tony Gomm

United Kingdom