Reply to a comment on Júlíana Björnsdóttir article "Wartime Persecution of Icelandic Females"

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Reply to a comment on Júlíana Björnsdóttir article "Wartime Persecution of Icelandic Females"

I wanted to reply to John C. Wilhelmsson's aggressive comment on Júlíana Björnsdóttir's article "Wartime Persecution of Icelandic Females". As I do not have a Facebook account, I chose this way of replying.

"the preservation of your etnic culture are natural concerns." Excuse me? I think the lack of historical contextualization lies on your side if you make such statements without explaining them. Did the US troops outnumber the Icelanders? Where they imposing their language, opening cinemas, editing a newspaper, founding new towns? I don't think the preservation of ethnic culture was of primary concern, but rather an excuse for channelling impotence and rage against the invaders (if such feelings did really exist) towards the weakest actors (actresses in this case) in this drama.

Do you really think a bunch of women having love affairs with US soldiers or officers could be seriously seen as a threat to local culture? It rather seems to me a typical chauvinistic reaction ("OUR women in the bed of these aliens!"), and the fact that the stigmatization of some of these women extended over decades speaks of pathological feelings of revenge. The attitude of that first female police officer sadly remembers that of the female watchers of moral in Iran or the like.

By no means I think that the article is sensationalistic (I've re-read it several times and I am unable to see sensationalism anywhere). It is not a paper in a journal of historical research, but in a section of Icelandreview which is called "Views"... Moreover, Júlíana Björnsdóttir carefully states, when necessary, "in my opinion" and the like. Do not confuse passionate writing with sensationalism.

Fortunately, Júlíana Björnsdóttir has the Editor she has and not you.

Pablo Jiménez-Schlegl

Vilafranca del Penedès Barcelona