Please don't come here, we don't have the facilities !

Readers Corner

Please don't come here, we don't have the facilities !

Hotel owners are complaining that non-residents, mostly overnight campers in winter, are using their facilities because none exist elsewhere. The general prediction is that soon there will be 1.5-million tourists a year, and increasing year-on-year, to Iceland, many of who will want to spend time as close to nature as possible in 'The Great Outdoors'. However the authorities in Iceland seem to be living in the dark-ages as far as facilities for the traveling tourist is concerned.

Iceland Review has covered the problem of lack of toilet facilities on the major routes before. But has there been a rush by the authorities to address this problem? None that I can see. Iceland seems very happy to accept the huge income, probably the bulk of the country's income now, even ahead of fishing, but seems reluctant to invest in the tourist industry. The addition of landing slots at Keflavik and the construction of more hotel rooms will enable visitor numbers to increase. But more visitors means more crap, more vehicle accidents, more garbage on the streets and more campers looking for facilities that only open June to September. Wake-up Iceland! As Bob Dylan once sang, "The times, they are a-changing".

Tony Gomm

United Kingdom