Mini Camper Stuck in River

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Mini Camper Stuck in River

Stuck in river.


It seems that car rentals are not making it clear enough where to go and not to go with mini campers in Iceland.

The pictures attached we took at a ford near Kirkjufell on Mountain Road F208, between Landmannalaugar and Hólaskjól. I had a discussion with the driver about whether he was permitted to drive on F roads or not. “It was not written in the contract,” he said.

In the end, we pulled them out of the water and accompanied them out of the highlands. There was no mobile connection and it was already quite late. The pictures were taken on August 20, 2016 between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, they didn't want to stay at Hólaskjól as we did. They preferred going further and camping in the wild. So we couldn’t talk to them any further.

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Uwe Reimann