Dreamy Landscape: Sóley – We Sink


Dreamy Landscape: Sóley – We Sink

Review by Katharina Hauptmann.

soley_we-sinkConnoisseurs of the Icelandic music scene surely recognize Sóley as a member off the indie collective Seabear.

In 2010 Sóley went solo and released her first EP Theater Island, followed by this year's release of her first full-length album, We Sink.

To me, the album has two different sides to it.

On one hand it contains Sóley's beautiful, delicate piano arrangements accompanied by fragile percussion elements and her velvety voice, which simply charm and enchant you. This is definitely the bigger part of the record.

The song “Blue Leaves” and closing track “Theater Island” are good examples of that part where the timbre of Sóley's voice adds a naive and childlike note to the music.

On “Smashed Birds” and “Pretty Face” the interplay of guitar and percussion elements add some playfulness and speed up the tempo.

On the other hand, Sóley changes the vibe slightly into something darker and more sinister. “Fight Them Soft” and “Kill The Clown”, for example, have a much dimmer and gloomier character than the other tracks.

These two songs are the strongest tracks on this album in my opinion, along with “The Sun Is Going Down II” and the opener “I'll Drown”.

The introspective atmosphere Sóley is creating is very intriguing and enjoyable in its melancholy. Her piano play is delightful and beautiful and is the essence of this album.

Although I enjoyed listening to We Sink very much, I wish it had more of the darker and grittier songs as they definitely give the album the edge it needs to create a balance.

A little more diversity wouldn't have been a mistake. But one can also see that the artist has all the potential to make the full of her obvious talent. And so we can only be excited about Sóley’s future releases.

I, at least, can't wait for listening to more music made by this wonderful Icelandic musician.

Three stars for We Sink.


Sóley's debut album can be purchased online either on or in the online record store Havarí.

Katharina Hauptmann – [email protected]

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