Time in Our Life: The Strymid/La Durée Exhibition at the National Art Gallery

What is time? What is it exactly we are measuring by seconds and minutes? How does time flow? Is it reality or illusion? Those questions inevitably come to mind when trying to ponder the fundamental nature of time. Three established artists, Emmanuelle Antille, Gabríela Fridriksdóttir, and Gudný...

Silent Clues: The Silence Exhibition at Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús

Silence is something that we take for granted—until we are deprived of it. We crave it at times and at others we want to run away from it. Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús is currently exploring the world of silence through the artwork of Finnbogi Pétursson, Haraldur Jónsson, Harpa Árnadóttir and...

Think, Listen, Feel: Recent Exhibitions in the Start Art Gallery

While strolling along the main street of Reykjavík you inevitably notice a bright yellow triangle with a red border which reads “Start Art.” Start Art is an art gallery at Laugavegur 12b, but those words might also be a good motto for the city itself. Art in every form is welcome here.