Gnarr! book cover


By Laura Nicholson
Former Reykjavík mayor, Jón Gnarr, gives a candid inside look into his personal and political life in his memoir.
Viking ship

Icelandic Vikings

By Laura Nicholson
Everything you have ever wanted to know about Icelandic Vikings.
Burial Rites book cover

Burial Rites

By Edward Hancox
A teenage Hannah Kent first visited Iceland on a Rotary Exchange. It must have had a profound effect on her, as some years later she has written this curious and enchanting book set in North Iceland in 1829.

The Haunting of Reykjavík

By Edward Hancox
Clearly an attempt at giving the old fashioned collection of ghost stories a new twist.

Blue Eyed Pop

From accordion kings to Ásgeir, by way of Icelandic Beatles and sweaty ‘Sveitaballs,’ Dr. Gunni guides us through the story of Icelandic pop.

The Creator

The Creator is a unique story with traces of dark humor.

Detective Erlendur Strikes Back

In Strange Shores by celebrated Icelandic crime writer Arnaldur Indriðason, Detective Erlendur returns to the stage after being missing absent from the two books preceding it. With his infamous stubbornness and resourcefulness when it comes to unsolved mysteries, Erlendur does not disappoint. In...

Iceland, Defrosted

Edward Hancox describes his love affair for Iceland in his comical debut, uncovering many secrets about the country your guidebook won’t tell you.

Suspense and the Sagas

The Flatey Enigma by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson is set on Flatey island in 1960, featuring a mysterious death, puzzling riddles and the famous Flatey Book . A successful combination of a suspense story and historical novel, with anecdotes of a quirky island community and Icelandic sagas thrown into...