News Muse book cover

News Muse

Poetry and strange news stories combine to make one humorous debut by Vala Hafstad.
Reykjavík Walks book cover

Reykjavík Walks

In Reykjavík Walks , Icelandic historian Guðjón Friðriksson guides you around the streets of downtown Reykjavík.

Vatnagarpar – A Book about Water Heroes

The trilingual book Vatnagarpar (‘Water Heroes’) by Jens Einarsson documents the journey of eight riders and their horses in words and photos, crossing 17 glacial rivers while following in the footsteps of Icelandic mailmen of times past.
Gnarr! book cover


Former Reykjavík mayor, Jón Gnarr, gives a candid inside look into his personal and political life in his memoir.
Burial Rites book cover

Burial Rites

A teenage Hannah Kent first visited Iceland on a Rotary Exchange. It must have had a profound effect on her, as some years later she has written this curious and enchanting book set in North Iceland in 1829.

Blue Eyed Pop

From accordion kings to Ásgeir, by way of Icelandic Beatles and sweaty ‘Sveitaballs,’ Dr. Gunni guides us through the story of Icelandic pop.

The Creator

The Creator is a unique story with traces of dark humor.

Detective Erlendur Strikes Back

In Strange Shores by celebrated Icelandic crime writer Arnaldur Indriðason, Detective Erlendur returns to the stage after being missing absent from the two books preceding it. With his infamous stubbornness and resourcefulness when it comes to unsolved mysteries, Erlendur does not disappoint. In...

Iceland, Defrosted

Edward Hancox describes his love affair for Iceland in his comical debut, uncovering many secrets about the country your guidebook won’t tell you.

Suspense and the Sagas

The Flatey Enigma by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson is set on Flatey island in 1960, featuring a mysterious death, puzzling riddles and the famous Flatey Book . A successful combination of a suspense story and historical novel, with anecdotes of a quirky island community and Icelandic sagas thrown into...

The Shire that is Iceland

A refreshingly honest view of Iceland decorated with funny and inventive fiction-facts and stories that just happened to crack me up.

One Foot In & One Foot Out

Unraveled , a story about a woman whose life falls apart in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis.

To Do in Iceland

Writer Snæfríður Ingadóttir and photographer Þorvaldur Örn Kristmundsson have put together three innovative guidebooks.

Bloodhoof: the Modern Relevance of Norse Mythology

Bloodhoof by Gerður Kristný is based on the ancient Norse poem Skírnismál , a love story between Freyr, the god of fertility, and Gerður, a giant maiden. However, Gerður Kristný turns the legend upside-down in giving the giantess a voice and changing a romantic story into one of abuse.

Gold Mine

Icelandic Poetry (c.870-2007) in translations of Bernard Scudder is finally out.

Struck by LoveStar

In sci-fi novel LoveStar , Andri Snær Magnason shares with us his laugh-out-loud funny, yet thought-provoking view of the future. A mad scientist by the name of LoveStar builds his business empire on marketing love and death. People are happy to have their lives dictated by science until one love-...