Cover of Icelandic Trade with Gyrfalcons.

Icelandic Trade with Gyrfalcons

By Iaroslava Kutsai
In days of yore, the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’ was famous not merely for cod fishery, but also as the cradle of the gyrfalcon, the legendary raptor.

Place of the Heart

By Laura Nicholson
Award-winning Icelandic novel makes its English debut.
News Muse book cover

News Muse

By Laura Nicholson
Poetry and strange news stories combine to make one humorous debut by Vala Hafstad.
Reykjavík Walks book cover

Reykjavík Walks

By Emilía S. Ólafs...
In Reykjavík Walks , Icelandic historian Guðjón Friðriksson guides you around the streets of downtown Reykjavík.

Vatnagarpar – A Book about Water Heroes

By Dagmar Trodler
The trilingual book Vatnagarpar (‘Water Heroes’) by Jens Einarsson documents the journey of eight riders and their horses in words and photos, crossing 17 glacial rivers while following in the footsteps of Icelandic mailmen of times past.
Gnarr! book cover


By Laura Nicholson
Former Reykjavík mayor, Jón Gnarr, gives a candid inside look into his personal and political life in his memoir.
Viking ship

Icelandic Vikings

By Laura Nicholson
Everything you have ever wanted to know about Icelandic Vikings.
Burial Rites book cover

Burial Rites

By Edward Hancox
A teenage Hannah Kent first visited Iceland on a Rotary Exchange. It must have had a profound effect on her, as some years later she has written this curious and enchanting book set in North Iceland in 1829.