Krómantík album cover

Sóley’s Krómantík

By Edward Hancox
A collection of piano pieces.
Drangar album cover

Pillar of Rock

By Páll Stefánsson
Unmistakably Icelandic.

Lay Low – Talking About The Weather

If there is something that Icelanders and the English have in common, it’s talking about the weather.

Ásgeir: In the Silence

It would be easy to get washed away in all the hype but Ásgeir’s In the Silence , the English language version of his breakthrough debut album Dýrð í dauðaþögn , truly deserves all the praise it’s been getting.

Torrini’s Tookah

You know what a Tookah is, don’t you?

Eliza Newman: Heimþrá

Eliza has a knack for writing neat little pop songs.

The Problem with ÍRiS

A review of her debut album. Contains goose bumps.

Autumn Skies

Snorri Helgason’s follow up to Winter Sun is a melancholic, gentle affair.

Múm: Smilewound

Press repeat. On your Megadrive.