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Today, I am angry and bitter;

You're cruel on Facebook and Twitter.

How dare you berate what I do!

I work like a dog—just for you.


You insolent children, be quiet!

You're causing disruption and riot.

Ungrateful, rebellious and rude.

You put me in such a bad mood.


You're masters of lies and distortion,

Of blowing things out of proportion.

An email was sent with some news.

You shouted, "A leak!" and "Abuse!"


We answered the questions you asked us.

In turn, you just spat and harassed us.

Your motives were dark and malign.

My minister had to resign.


I'm head of this household! You're rotten!

Your insults will not be forgotten.

I'm putting you all on a boat

To Norway—or someplace remote.


© Vala Hafstad

Vala is the author of News Muse: Humorous Poems Inspired by Strange News, available in bookstores and on


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