Nightmare in 101


I'm staring out the window at the thick darkness hovering overheard convinced that today, for some reason, daylight won't arrive.

Here I am as the clock ticks towards 10:00, and it's still dark.

Okay, I'm starting to panic. It's just after 10:00, and there is not even a hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

It's now 11:00. The sky is pitch.

Noon. Time to strap on the feedbag, yet the darkness remains.

Right, the caffeine junkies have flocked up to the kitchen for their 3:00 fix, and we still don't have any daylight.

The 5:00 siren wails, telling us that it's time to return home. Our work day is over, and not one ounce of light squirmed its way...wait a minute, the siren wailing is actually my ALARM.

(Duh, Ed. Of course it's your alarm. We don't have any sirens at work.)

I sit up in bed at the crack of 8:00, shake the sleep from my body, and give thanks that my lightless day was just a nightmare. EW

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