Lazy Day Sunrise


If you roll with it, even Icelandic weather has its charms. Yesterday, the Icelandic Meteorological Office forecasted a gale. With this forecast, we had our first day with moderate sunshine and only occasional rain. and no wind. But we all knew the storm was coming. We were just being teased.

The heavy wind and rain didn't come until five o'clock, or exactly the moment I was walking out to my tiny French vehicle to drive home. While I argue frequently in favour of fuel efficient, small cars, the idea of taking my miniature box out for a drive in winds in excess of 25 metres per second with heavy rain and sleet just didn't seem worthwhile.

So a few of us stayed on at the office until the storm passed and tried to catch up on all of our work.

Many people talk about how cosy it is to snuggle during a storm. Myself, I've discovered that writing in an empty office building overlooking the ocean with rain and sleet pounding everything within view is a close second.

If you want cosy, try this for my morning: having stayed so late at the office and finished everything in the in-box, I woke up this morning and moved my alarm back one hour. Then, when I finally did get up, I made a cup of coffee and watched a pristine post-storm sunrise: at 10:30 am. BC [email protected]

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