New Website, New Album, Old Car


Great news for regular readers of the website: everything will be updated very soon. That's right, pictures, text, everything.

I know this because I'm working on the site right now and will stay late tonight trying to get everything updated. Why me? Well, let me rant for a second against Macs. The program we're using isn't Mac-compatible. And you know what? This isn't the first program that doesn't work with those handsome yuppie machines. And so because everyone else involved with the magazine has Macs-they're for artists and writers, you know-whenever something needs to actually get done they pass it to me.

I believe this is why Macs are for artists and writers. That way pseudo-bohemians get plenty of free-time because they're throwing up their hands listening to iTunes and saying "Those stupid programmers forgot my machine."

Other good news: the new Foghorns album was released last night to a full house at Bar 11. I would say I was very proud, except that total album sales are now. seven. I don't know what it takes to go platinum in Iceland, but I'm pretty sure I'm not on my way there.

There is good news, and relevant Icelandic news, to report for the cd. For my release party, I invited my favourite Icelandic bands to play acoustic sets. Every one I asked came and played for free. I can honestly say that getting to watch Doddi, Thórir, Touch and Bob Justman made for a complete evening, even if I was left with the impossible task of following these singers and songwriters.

There has been a lot of griping in Reykjavík about how the live music scene that developed with the Sugarcubes and helped Sigur Rós get that haunting sound has disappeared. An especially charming explanation was that people stopped going out when Iceland got a second and third tv network.

But last night the show was filled well beyond capacity despite cold and wind, despite exams at the university, and despite absolutely no promotion other than the embarrassing coverage of my "humiliations" in Iceland by a couple newspapers here. So good news for anyone thinking of visiting: live music is definitely back. And the audiences, especially Icelanders, are extremely receptive and. merciful.

Last piece of news about Icelandic life before I return to website design: the sun is out. As I've explained before, this typically brings colder weather. So I'll be able to fully enjoy the five hours of sunlight on Saturday and Sunday. My car, of a fine French make, refuses to run at sub-zero temperatures. I can say that this morning at least, the walk I was forced to take did me some good. BC [email protected]

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