The New York Times and Darkness


Okay, here I'm going to recommend another publication. A journalist from The New York Times stopped by the Iceland Review office a few weeks ago, and we talked about living in Iceland, what to do, where to go, how we deal with depression. The writer, Sarah Lyall, and photographer Yoni Brook, were nice enough. In fact, Yoni showed up that night at my concert and then some friends took him out.

Today, I had the pleasure of reading what these two professionals put together. A beautiful article called "If No Icelanders Admit to Feeling Blue, Are They?"

In a few short days, Ms. Lyall collected quotes that epitomized Icelanders feelings toward that most important of topics: the weather.

Our guests were here a few weeks ago, mind you. As we lose a little more than 5 minutes of light each day, I think they might be impressed with the effects of so little sunlight. Indeed, people do just show up to work, then go watch tv and sleep. And you lose any idea of what time it is.

Last night, for example, I pulled up in downtown Reykjavík in the middle of the night. It had been dark for a few hours, nobody was on the street.

When I returned to my car, there was a ticket. The middle of the night was actually 5:40 pm.

As for depression, I can say that most of my Icelandic friends aren't suffering too badly. Why? Because most of them have started sleeping and stopped partying. And their bodies are recovering from the shock that we all put ourselves through in the summer.

Two friends have announced they have even started running. They told me this dressed in the hipster outfit: tight, dark jeans, a delicate shirt, tiny tie and cowboy boots. BC [email protected]

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