Shopping Flight


Iceland is an expensive country. No, duh, Ed. Tell us something we didn't already know.

Okay, with X-mas looming, Icelanders circumnavigate the high cost of the island by travelling abroad to shop. (Why anyone would endure a trip on a plane to go shopping is beyond me.) I took one of these special charter flights last Friday, when I travelled to Dublin for the weekend to visit a friend.

I knew it was a shopping trip for Icelanders, but I was shocked when I showed up to check in for the return flight.

It was as if the passengers had given mass birth to luggage. There I was with my daypack standing next to suitcases that were larger than I was. One couple in front of me had six pieces of luggage packed to the point of near explosion.

Of course, with my neurotic personality, the first thought I had was how the heck is the plane going to take off with all this overweight.

Despite doing the work of Santa's elves, and loading our plane down with gifts, as soon as the passengers cleared the screeners, they went on a ballistic rampage in the duty-free shops, looking like kids scavenging through a pillowcase full of Halloween candy.

So how many pounds of presents did the Icelanders bring back?

As we pushed off from the gate the pilot came over the intercom and announce that we weighed 1.5 tonnes more than when we came.

A wave of anxiety washed over me, and I began wondering if the crew factored in the added weight when fuelling up the plane.

After two or three passes down the runway, the pilot asked us to offload some of our overhead luggage, and finally we were airborne.

Okay, so that last part didn't happen. But if the trip had been three days instead of two, we would've had to roll down the windows and chuck our stuff overboard. EW

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