Sick Day


Residents of the capital area awoke to a fresh coating of snow this morning. At first I thought, cool, no work. It's a snow day. But then I remembered where I was.

In Iceland, we trudge through the snow regardless of how many feet have fallen. Adults go to work. Kids go to school.

Well, on most days kids go to school.

Today, after a weekend intervention by the government forcing teachers back to school, the kids showed up ready to learn important stuff like reading, science, painting - long division.

Unfortunately for the students, upwards of 90 per cent of the teachers called in sick.

No, a flu epidemic has not spread across Iceland (not yet, anyway). The sick day is a protest over being forced back to work without a new contract.

Regardless of whether you side with the teachers or the government it's about time to settle this long strike, because as I write this the child of the woman who handles our subscriptions is walking around the office handing out a business publication to the employees when he should be flirting with little Suzie on the playground. EW

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