Winter Tires


Now that snow has draped the capital area, motorists are scrambling to dress their automobiles in winter tires. As for me, I have yet to change tires, because I'm driving a Lada Sport, and can charge through the snow without incident.

Plus, when I purchased the car, the former owner had the winter tires at his house, and I was too lazy, (I like to think busy), to follow up with him and get my tires.

Two days ago when the snow was starting to fall, I was stopped at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn when from out of nowhere I heard a banging noise on my car window, awaking me from my momentary daydream.

I looked up and a man emerged from the winter night like a ghost, shadowing my car.

After realizing the man wasn't about to jack my car, I rolled down my window, and he says, snow falling lightly overhead:

"Don't you need your winter tires?"

It was the guy who sold me my Lada Sport back in August. Hmm. Does he miss his Lada so much that he follows me around town?

"I just spotted you driving, and I figured you needed them."

He gave me his number, and reminded me of his name, and then the light turned green, and I was off. EW

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