Happy New Year


I’ve been hibernating in darkness for two weeks. Christmas was mostly spent indoors with a flu-suffering family. I had plenty of time to realise that if one wanted to catch the one hour of daylight, one had to be outside between one and two pm.

After that, forget it. Mind you, daylight failed to arrive at all most of the time, as Reykjavík got a large dose of snow through the Christmas holidays. My ocean view mostly seemed to be a dark grey blur of merging sea and sky.

Thus, my time off was spent doing puzzles, drawing, reading and switching Disney videos for the kids. And eating of course. The rest of my reindeer leg ended up in a casserole to last us for a week, and every half an hour we’d pick at all kinds of Christmas leftovers from the fridge. Pickled herring, smoked salmon, all kinds of cheeses, patés, ham and, of course, reindeer, found their way at regular intervals into our stomachs.

It’s hard getting up for work, when one’s been emerging from bed at midday recently. But today, finally, there’s some promise of the coming light. Sitting in my office I see pink and grey clouds rapidly blowing east, revealing a light blue canvas underneath. The mountains stretching up from the equally pale blue ocean are entirely clad in a soft coat of white. Time to rise from the slumber and enjoy a breath of the fresh new year. AMB ([email protected])

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