Flu Shots


As I lay in bed over the weekend, my head pounding from this year’s flu epidemic, I tried to find someone to blame for my sickness. Naturally, I didn’t blame myself, even if I had just spent three weeks travelling through the US sleeping on couches, eating badly and avoiding exercise in favour of all night gossip sessions in smoky bars. (Yes, I was a little surprised at how smoky the New York bars were, given the much-publicized ban.)

I kept on thinking of my Icelandic friends who made fun of the American panic of the flu shots. They all insisted they’d never heard of flu shots. And they never got the flu. Americans were hypochondriacs. Americans were probably all faking the flu anyway. If they were all in better shape, maybe they wouldn’t have to worry about the flu.

I was told all sorts of jokes of this nature as we watched the news and saw lines outside health centres in major urban areas.

Well, everybody I know in Iceland has now had the flu. None of them are happy about it.

I came into work for five minutes to get this done and to mock people about their lack of faith in modern medicine. See, I was going to say, Americans sometimes have pretty decent sense. This flu is horrible.

I was immediately told to go home.

Apparently, it doesn’t make sense to come into work when you are ill, just to yell at people about how you are ill. BC [email protected]

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