These past few days have heralded the death of rock and roll and the rise of the FM neck. Icelandic media giant Nordurljós just gave the death sentence to two rock and roll stations because they were losing money, and are putting all their forces into crap such as FM95,7 where men with a deep tan and low IQ’s talk garbage all day long in between Euro-trash pop music. Sigh...

Not that I listen to the radio anyway. Icelandic radio is absolutely awful. Apart from old state channel one which has, at least, a few decent talk shows, the rest is far worse than your high school radio station. Mind you, the high school thing could stretch to a few other media places in the country.

The local news invariably bring out raucous laughter in my household, due to the incredibly bad filming, furry microphones and waffle-mouthed journalists. The newspapers endlessly interview the same people, some kind of Icelandic pseudo-stars and advise people to buy things like pink leopard print boots and listen to things like girl-band Nælon, Iceland’s worst idea ever.

Mediocrity is overriding the country like a plague.This morning I read an article about a new Icelandic website, I can’t even begin to describe it. If you don’t know what an Fm Hnakki (Fm neck) is- please visit it. Its full of really intelligent looking suntanned men who advise other men on how to pull women, FM style, and dress, FM style. It even has a special section called "Tan of the Month. " I’m sure the radio stations will be hiring them soon. AMB([email protected])

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