Back in Iceland


It’s always difficult to return to Iceland after a long absence, especially when you come back in January, and especially when you can’t start your car because someone tried to unsuccessfully hotwire it.

Yes, while I was away someone broke into my Lada Sport. Folks around the office didn’t seem to feel my pain, and showed me little sympathy.

They just laughed that someone would be desperate enough to want to steal my Lada Sport.

"Take it as a compliment," chuckled one of our designers.

Hey, I know my Lada has wide appeal. Every time I drive it around town people stare with envy, or shock that the thing actually moves.But maybe our designer is correct. After all, there were many more popular models parked next to my Lada Sport that this thief could’ve chosen from.

But most likely the perpetrator of this heinous act was drunk, and just wanted shelter from the relentless chill that’s currently clutching this island.

What’s sad is that if the drunkard was a bit more lucid he, or she, could’ve open the back, taken out the crank shaft, and started the Lada with a few counter clockwise cranks, or clockwise cranks (I’ve never actually tried using the crank shaft).

But no, this thief had to try and hotwire the Lada. As Tom Cruise says in "Risky Business" just after evading the killer pimp: "Lada Sport. There is no substitute."

Next car I purchase is going to be a Porsche. EW

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