Roll Me Away


My Lada Sport is fixed. Well, sort of. It turns out that after sitting dormant for five weeks while I was abroad, after a break in, and after dropping ISK 25,000, the car starts. But only on a roll.

Not to worry. I live on a hill. At work, I can park on a slope, and at the gym, if I park in the far lot there’s the perfect spot for a running start.

One must try to remain positive during the Icelandic winter.

The car guy, from the former Yugoslavia, told me that if the Lada breaks down again then it’s time to “shoot it”.

To lift my spirits while I was temporary without a vehicle, and dependent upon the hyper-expensive taxi service, I purchased a blender. Let me say I was king for a day.

There is no better way to eat fruit here in Iceland than to blend it. Those half-green strawberries, crusty blueberries, and soft apples where the skin stretches taste almost fresh purified with ice, and a splash of pineapple juice.

Plus, it beats buying a smoothie at the gym. How much does a smoothie cost at the gym’s Boost Bar?

It depends. Depends on what, you ask? Iceland is still a bit of a banana republic - the type of country where the price of certain items differ from day to day. One day a smoothie runs ISK 450 ($7), the next day that same drink is valued at ISK 750 ($12).

Only in Iceland is it possible to spend 12 bucks on a fruit drink. EW

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