Sick Winter


The Icelandic winter struck down yet another one of our employees. Our very own Bart Cameron, who has been hacking up phlegm for the past few weeks finally went to the doctor and the doctor said: “You’ve got pneumonia.”

I feel sorry for Bart, because he was trying his darndest to stay healthy this winter. He even bought into the hype about lýsi.

“Hey, take lýsi and you won’t get sick.” Yeah, right. And the Vikings, in a PR campaign to keep away the rift raft, named this place Iceland when it’s really warm and green.

I’m not sure Bart believed those cod-oil pills would actually protect him. However, desperation makes a person do wacky things. I’ve cycled the lýsi, as well. And despite popping those little, yellow gel caps like a baseball player takes steroids, I got sick.

What makes me feel so bad for Bart, who on doctor’s orders is bed-ridden, is that the past two days have been absolutely divine. We received a fresh coating of snow to cover up the exhaust-colour snow. There’s been no wind, and today the sky is clear and the water is Mediterranean blue.

It’s been so spectacular, this weather over the past two days, that I haven’t missed my car. That’s right, I’ve been walking to work, making sure to breath deep, and suck down the cold, clean air. EW

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