Criminal Insanity


If you enjoyed yesterday's Daily Life, then you?re in luck, because I have another theory. I believe I know why the crime rate in Iceland is comparatively low - it's because Icelanders are bored of crime.

Not because their ancestors were (allegedly) ruthless invaders and renowned fighters; but rather because of American cop shows on the television.

In my few weeks here, I have learned so much about the workings of the long arm of the law in New York, Miami and Los Angeles that I never want to see another cop again, let alone be chased by one! It is not only the USA who is guilty - I have also seen several Swedish and British efforts, but they're much less fun because these pansy Europeans don't even carry guns.

Maybe if American TV was flooded with Icelandic cop shows every night, there would be a decrease in crime. Of course, things here are a little smaller; ships full of cocaine don't just pull up in the harbour, but sometimes people do come into the airport with a massive stash wrapped in a handkerchief!

And crooked politicians don't cream millions off the national budget, but sometimes they get caught buying more stones than necessary for the construction of the national theatre. Why? To sneakily use them to build their holiday home of course. As if nobody would notice that the Minister of Culture's new holiday home looks an awful lot like the new theatre - why not just build the house from wads of cash?!

Anyway, that was a couple of years ago, and I'm losing my point, so I'll close with a plea for more nature shows, more sci-fi shows and more comedy shows, and less acronyms - COD, LAPD, TOD, CSI, PID, DAI?

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