Elves and Strange Clouds


Driving to work this morning I was pleased to see a bright blue sky appearing over the mountains. But more bizarrely, the citizens of Reykjavík were treated to the sight of some very unusual cloud formations to the east – odd UFO shaped clouds in incredible ever-changing mother of pearl colours, The sky looks like oil has been poured over it and actually a staff member wondered whether the clouds had been sponsored by Shell. I’ve tried to look up this phenomenon on Google to no avail.

Speaking of strange things, we here at Iceland Review tend to cringe when foreigners talk about our belief in elves. The international press has been lapping up old Björk quotes on how all Icelanders think elves live in rocks all around us and we’re getting rather tired of this old cliché. Surely Icelanders don’t believe in elves, trolls or fairies.

Well, boy was I wrong. My four year old daughter came home from playschool all excited.

“This week’s project was to find an elf-rock in our neighbourhood. We finally found one, just near Hallgrímskirkja church. And tomorrow we are going there to sing a special song, to see if they open their invisible door and come out.”

An invisible door?

She looked at me with that despairing, “mum you’re really slow”, look on her face. “ Mum, of course you know that there are doors on rocks. It’s just that they’re invisible and we can’t see them. Like the elves, they just live in another dimension and we can’t see them. But we can communicate with them and that’s what we’re doing tomorrow.”

So there you have it. Elves are alive and kicking, right in our midst. They’re teaching us at school. AMB ([email protected])

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