Smokey Bay Ban


With parliament deliberating over an anti-smoking bill that would ban smoking in all Reykjavik bars and restaurants by 2006, I decided to hit the street and solicit five opinions from those most affected: the 101 crowd. EW

1) Helga, 28, waitress at Sólon:

“Smoking? Who gives a sh** ‘bout smoking. I’m waitin’ for parliament to pass a law mandating tips, ‘cause if I gotta serve drunk people all night I want more money.”

2) Gummi, 17, a Sirkus regular:

“A ban on smoking...does that mean we can’t snort amphetamines in the bathroom anymore?”

3) Johann Johann Johansson, 45, who was urinating outside Dillon bar at 4 am:


4) Svala, 19, former model who now waitresses at the posh Thorvaldsen bar:

“What about Menthols?”

5) Ed, sometimes regular at Ölstofa, the smokiest bar in town, and popular hang for young politicians and journalists:

“It’s about time.”

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