Icelanders love Sideways, and so I was finally dragged to see a movie about ugly old guys drinking wine.

At the intermission, the Icelander I was with said, “Ah this reminds me of California. I miss California.” (Most Icelanders have done some heavy travelling, though this person had actually lived in the Golden State.)

“But dear God, there are Californians there,” I said. “People like those guys in the movie. People who drive Saabs.”

I caught a scowl from someone behind me, as nobody likes a bigot.

After intermission, the movie got much better, in my opinion, as very bad things happened to the characters in the movie and to the Saab, and against all better judgement I began caring about them.

Walking home from the theatre, I felt good, but my friend was wistful. We noticed the Champions League football matches were on, and I pulled my companion into a bar to watch, as she, like many Icelanders, is addicted to English football.

"We have just been watching sun-tanned people drive through gorgeous countryside in a convertible and drink expensive wine and now we’re here,” she said.

We were in an especially cavernous, dark bar known for its cheap drink specials. (Only $10 a beer.)

She waved her hand at the crowd—one of whom was in an intense argument with himself-- and at our drinks, pints of skunked Carlsburg.

I scanned the bar, trying to look for a positive. I had, after all, moved to Iceland from New York, and though I am often critical, I like my life here.

I saw a man typing away at his laptop computer. The screen was just out of view of my companion.

Just as I went to point out the writer, I got a good look at his computer screen. He was on a porn chat room. BC [email protected]

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