Eternal Sunshine


“Are you awake,” the text message read. It was 11 pm on Sunday night, and my initial response was, “Of course I’m awake. How is a person expected to sleep when the sun is still shining, and it feels as if it’s 11 in the morning."

Iceland is a country dominated by extremes. I find it nearly impossible to sleep during the summer, and nearly impossible to stay awake during the winter. But let’s not talk about the gloomy days of winter. It’s May, and the past two weeks have been marked by non-stop sunshine.

But in Iceland, there’s always a catch. Yes, the wind has come from the North, and it’s been downright cold. All this wonderful blue water, and not the possibility to go swimming in the ocean, unless one wears a dry-suit.

Yo, Ed. What about Nautholsvik thermal beach? It’s one of the top-ten beaches in the world. Geothermal water is pumped into the cove. It’s great.

Don’t believe the hype. This is the north Atlantic.

Thankfully, my balcony is sheltered from the pesky wind, so yesterday I sunned myself for a few hours, finally ridding my skin of its glue-coloured coating. And as I stared out at the blueness of the sea which spreads to the Alftanes peninsula, where the President’s house sits on a patch of farmland, I felt, if but for a few hours, that I was in southern Europe.

Then the sun passed over my apartment, and I hustled back inside before I froze. EW

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