Loving summer


You may recall the mad British guy who was doing these columns for a while back in the winter – he wrote about snow, cop shows, cakes and urban planning. Well anyway...I’m back and I can tell you, there is no comparison between summer and winter here.

First of all, as I waltzed out of the airport in a T-shirt yesterday, I was reminded of an unfortunate Japanese lady from my last arrival there on a stormy January afternoon. The lady in question had left the terminal building and was minding her own business, only to be knocked over by a flying baggage trolley. I clearly remember the nothingness of the coach journey too. Not just because the landscape is so open and it was getting dark, but mostly because the windows were too wet to see anything out of.

By contrast, yesterday was a day of sunshine (lollipops and rainbows everywhere...), purple heather and the sudden realisation that I forgot to pack any shorts.

Similarly, you’re probably bored stiff of hearing about the midnight sun by now, especially if you live here, but hey. As I was walking home last night at half an hour to midnight, the birds were singing and the flat, calm sea was covered by a bright pink sky. I felt like I had got up especially to see a beautiful sunrise. Then I thought: “Hey, you know, the curtains in the room are pretty thin...and the sun’s pretty I gonna get any sleep?”

In the end, plenty of sleep was indeed had, thereby proving that I really can sleep through anything. So here’s to summer – anyone want an icecream?

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