Long Weekend


You’ll be pleased to hear that I spent the weekend researching for today’s Daily Life column. Yes, it was a weekend of partying, drinking, swimming, rambling and basking in the midnight sun.

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Friday was Independence Day, so I started off at Alþingi (the national parliament) at 10h00 to listen to the Prime Minister give his speech. It was a stirring ceremony during which I managed to use a whole camera film. The male voice choir did justice to the national anthem, and the police and scouts looked almost like a real army.

Then, all of a sudden after a bit of a walk around town, taking in some of the concert, exhibitions and general revelry, it was 18h00. I still can’t get my head round how quickly the hours flew by.

Anyway, the rest of the evening is a bit of a blur, as is the next morning – but I can tell you, the best cure for hangovers is swimming in the sea! Nauthólsvík geothermal beach is a man-made harbour with golden Moroccan sand and artificially warm water – the only trouble is that the water separates into layers of warm and icy.

Next was a trip to Þingvellir to stroll over the wide plains and throw some coins into the clear water – but my wish has yet to come true. The most memorable point of the afternoon was standing up to my neck in a crevice being neither in Europe nor North America…a strange concept I know!

Sunday was centred on Guinness and Formula One, and if you’ve been within a hundred metres of a newspaper today, you’ll know all about the US Grand Prix. As a European F1 fan, I’d just like to apologise to American readers on behalf of the rest of the world who keep trying to make you like the sport – I know nothing like that would ever happen in NASCAR racing, but trust me this year’s racing has been pretty darn good so far.

Anyway, rant over – the Guinness here is of course extortionate, but the price difference compared with lager seems to be smaller than elsewhere, a fact that pleases me no end!

Until tomorrow – bless bless (bye)

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