Right – this is going to work a bit differently today. This is the very first Iceland Review online competition – but I’m not sure what the prize is…a brand new Jeep? Or maybe a house made of gold? No, wait a second I’ve got it – the prize is the respect and love of all in this office, and also the unrivalled fame, nay notoriety, that is having your words published on this website.

I want you to e-mail me your favourite Iceland-related stories, and I’ll put the best ones here on the site tomorrow.

The tales can be funny, sad, weird or even confusing – and if you’ve never been to Iceland, don’t be put off; you can tell us about other people or people you’ve met. You could even write about the time you went to an Iceland supermarket in the UK (actually scrub that one…)

Anyway, you get the picture. The address is [email protected]

Enjoy your Tuesday.


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