Miracles, Meteorology & Monthly Cycles


"European heatwave set to last at least until the weekend", proclaims Well, not in Iceland. Saturday was the end of a month of stunning weather it would seem – but I hold firm to my belief that next week, the cycle will begin anew.

The BBC thinks it’s going to be cloudy and rainy from now until the weekend, but then sunny again on Monday, whereas the Icelandic Meteorological Office predicts "Southerly winds and intermittent rain, but mainly dry and warm in the northeast part." Whatever that means…

In the meantime, I’m actually not unhappy. Today is a little overcast maybe, but the wind is gentle and warm, there is no real risk of rain and the sunny patches that keep appearing and disappearing over the bay look like golden rods pointing to hidden treasure, or more accurately, like the bright light that always shines on ‘miracles’ in TV and films, like when the Lady of the Lake comes out of the water, or when someone wakes up from a 98 year coma…you get the picture.

Strangely, those same sun rays as they fall on Mount Esja, on the other side of the bay, are making it look a lot like giraffe skin. Is it weird for me to think that?

Who says absynthe isn’t good on breakfast cereals?

Anyway, tomorrow’s Daily Life is going to be better than this one; sharp, observant, cutting-edge and deeply profound, it’s going to be replicated in media all around the globe. Now all I have to do is find someone to write it.

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