Silly Solar Suckers


Thirty-six per cent of Icelandic people believe the sun rotates around the Earth.

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This is the shocking result of a Eurobarometer Survey published recently (see “Astronomy question puzzles Icelanders”, Daily News, 28 June)

The European average figure is only 29% of people believing that the sun revolves around the Earth, which makes Icelanders seem slightly less stupid – especially if you consider that we rarely see the sun in Iceland.

The biggest question that springs to my mind however, is ‘why’? Why are people being paid to ask people stupid questions, intended to wrong-foot the respondent and prove how stupid people are?

I have no doubt that nearly 100% of Europeans know that the Earth orbits the sun, but when put on the spot with a ‘true or false’ question, I am surprised more people didn’t get it wrong…

Here’s what the European Commission’s website says about Eurobarometer:

Our surveys and studies address major topics concerning European citizenship: enlargement, social situation, health, culture, information technology, environment, the Euro, defence, etc.”

But when they get bored they ask some silly crap to waste everyone’s time and money…

“What do cows drink?

Ha Ha – too late now…you said milk, and I’m taking that as your final answer!”

Please feel free to get in touch if you work for Eurobarometer; I’d love to hear the other side of the story.

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