The Spring Illusion (KH)


katharinahauptmann02_dlYes, I'm going to talk about the weather. Because it bothers me.

For the past weeks the weather has been quite mild, around 10 °C and apart from some rain and wind it has been rather nice.

And then, last week, we had some sunny days. Yes, sun! Light! I couldn't believe it.

It's amazing how a little glimpse of sun changes everything, makes everything better.

Reykjavík looked so fine these days:

Suddenly the streets were full of happily smiling people, everyone was just in a good mood.

The bright sun made everything more beautiful, it made the ocean in Faxaflói bay glistening, the snowy caps of mountain Esja shiny and my eyes squint.

Oh, Reykjavik, what a sight.

At this one particularly nice day last week, it was last Thursday to be precise, the arrival of the sun made me buy new sunglasses. I was that optimistic.

That day, I met up with a friend for coffee and we talked about the sunshine and how happy it made us. We were hoping this would be the sign of the arrival of spring.

But still, we know this is Iceland and spring arrives very late and only lasts very shortly.

By the way, spring and summer are insanely beautiful in Iceland.

Anyhow, we were so full of expectations.

I even joked around and said we shouldn't forget that this was Iceland and it might snow tomorrow.

And, I called it.

The same night temperatures dropped and it started snowing again. Snow! I was asking for more sun, not snow.

Someone definitely cheered too soon...

I wasn't even aware of how much I long for the spring, but these few days of sunlight made me realize how much I'm actually looking forward to a warmer climate.

And that's coming from a person that hates hot summers.

It's like somebody showed us a glimpse of heaven but then changed their mind.

No, no spring for you, not yet.

How frustrating!

After this long, cold and extremely snowy winter (more snow than in many decades) one just craves sun and light. I guess everyone does that but remember how dark the winters are here.

Last night this weather nuisance even turned into a snowstorm.

I was driving home with some friends and suddenly we couldn't even see the road.

Usually the harsh Icelandic weather doesn't bother me, but these days I'm really frustrated. Patience has never been my virtue.

But whom am I kidding? I know this is Ice-land and not sunny-beach-land.

And as they say here, if you don't like the current weather, just wait five minutes for it to change.

Well, spring has to come eventually.

Even in Iceland.

Katharina Hauptmann –

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