Celsius (PS)


palli-dlEquinox today. It’s like yesterday, three months ago, when the days were dark with more than twenty hours of darkness in the capital.

The light has returned. But the winter has not left; last weekend was cold and windy.

So cold and windy that the Coast Guard had to rescue two Belgians who had camped on Vatnajökull glacier.

The real feel at the glacier, negative 50°C / -58°F. That is cold.

Yesterday, we heard on the radio about stranded cars all across Iceland.

Even in Reykjavík on Sunday night, strong winds and snow created ideal conditions for traffic jams and accidents.

The light is back, but spring is far away.

Sometimes I think there are only two seasons here in the republic.

The dark and the bright.

The difference in temperature is very little between the coldest month, January, and the warmest, July.

Ten degrees celsius. Nothing.

With brighter days, bright ideas are being born.

Like founding a new political party.

One was established last weekend. Dögun, The Dawn, is its name.

The party is a coalition of different people and groups. They elected an executive committee, but no chairman.

Their agenda: JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, DEMOCRACY. (Réttlæti, sanngirni, lýðræði)

What fresh ideas.

They will win a landslide victory in the next elections, a year from now.

At least twenty parliamentarians out of sixty three.

Will they last.... within a month, the party will be split in to at least ten parties.

With ten chairmen guiding the nation... to the left and to the right.

Towards a brighter future, bringing justice, fairness, and democracy to the people of the Republic of Iceland.

Along with the other parties in the Alþingi.

The old parties—the Social Democrats, the Independence Party, the Progressive Party and the Left-Greens.

The new parties, the Right-Greens, Solidarity, the Bright Future Party, and the latest, The Dawn, which I predict will break apart straight after the elections.

People do not trust the old parties. Or the new ones.

Do not trust politicians at all.

We need fresh ideas, new blood, people, politicians with vision.

We should start to import different politicians. Not the best, but better than we have now.

Politicians from Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Venezuela, and Kyrgyzstan to start with.

That would be perfect, so we could see the light, we the people of the Republic of Iceland.

Páll Stefánsson – [email protected]

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