An Urgent Message from the Lighthouse Bureau (JóB)


joiben_dlHere are some amusing examples of advertisements, news stories and personal ads from the early 20th century.

They have been collected from the website, where most magazines from the early days of Icelandic newsprint publishing can be found in pdf-format.

An English translation follows each clipping.



There is a large hole in the road next to Pétursborg. Should anyone stick a foot in, he or she could be badly hurt. For that reason, I advise all to proceed with caution, except for the Bureau of Public Roads.


Spoken Words Rescinded

I wish to make it known to all that the words spoken by me in inebriety and carelessness to Ms. Sigríður Þórðarsen of Akureyri on the 16th of this month are hereby declared null and void.

Randver Pétursson.


Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

What is YUCK? You talk like an ignorant woman. Try YUCK! YUCK is world class quality. YUCK is available everywhere.

International Yuck Co. Ldt.


It was wet laundry that Húlli and Ási carried in that tub down Bergstaðastræti on Monday the 14th of September 1924, at 6 o’clock.


From abroad

there are no particular news. The Germans don’t seem to be up to very much at Verdun, but they probably have some trickery up their sleeves, be it on land or sea. Only some minor skirmishes between the Austrians and the Italians. The Russians claim to be launching an attack on the Germans in the near future. No news of the conflict in Turkey.

Mexican bandits have caused damage in the United States. Some insist that the government send the army to Mexico to disperse their posse. As of yet, it remains unclear what will happen.


An announcement from the Lighthouse Bureau Commissioner: – There is no announcement from the Lighthouse Bureau Commissioner today.

Commissioner of the Lighthouse Bureau.

Jóhannes Benediktsson – [email protected]

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