Icelandic Songs Borrowed from Abroad (JóB)


joiben_dlI recently found out that the song ‘My Way’ is not originally from Frank Sinatra. As a matter of fact, it comes from France and is called ‘Comme d'habitude.’

Some probably feel disappointed learning this. And others will say that it somehow diminishes the Frank Sinatra version. Makes it less American.

I don’t agree. An Icelandic saying sums up my opinion perfectly: Who cares where good comes from?

Along the same lines, I started digging into Icelandic music. Is there an Icelandic version of ‘My Way’?

No, not really. But we do have a lot of songs that are borrowed from abroad. And what makes it interesting is that not many Icelanders know about the origin.

So, I’ll drop the bomb. Below, we have ten famous ‘Icelandic classics’ and the originals.

And finally: Comme d’habitude, Claude François (French), 1967.

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Jóhannes is filling in for Katharina.

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