Pictures of an Icelandic Exhibition (KH)


katharinahauptmann02_dlThe biggest day of the year for Icelandic design is the annual DesignMarch.

Like in the past years, I had a look at some of the events and exhibitions.

These are the highlights:

At the National Museum of Iceland it was all about silver. The exhibition Icelandic Silverwork offered an interesting insight into the craft from the end of the Middle Ages until the first half of the 20th century. A highlight of this show was—or rather is as the exhibition is ongoing until December 31—‘Part-Time Silversmith’ where visitors can have a look at an actual silversmith’s workshop from the turn of the century based on the workshop of silversmith Kristofer Petursson.


From the exhibition Silverwork. Photo courtesy of DesignMarch.


From ‘Part-Time Silversmith’. Photo courtesy of DesignMarch.

Design store Epal featured Chuck Mack’s latest creation: The Stand. This stand is made of oak wood and contains Blackthorn sticks. “I thought of doing something different, nicely crafted with a retro look,” the designer told me. Nowadays, one doesn’t come across stands and walking sticks anymore, which is rather sad as they are quite tasteful, elegant and in this case beautifully crafted. Maybe I will start using walking sticks.


Photo courtesy of Chuck Mack.


Photo courtesy of Chuck Mack.

Quite interesting was also the workshops of Reykjavik Letterpress.



And here are some more things worth looking at:


KRON by KronKron. Photo: Madarakd, courtesy of DesignMarch.


Markrún go Dýragripirnir. Photo: Sunny L Sun, courtesy of DesignMarch.


Stamp by Rán Flygenring. Courtesy of DesignMarch.

If you still haven’t had enough of design and want more, more, more then have a look at the website of the Iceland Design Centre and its fantastic blog.

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