IKEA Iceland, Really?! (KH)


katharinahauptmann02_dlFor a few decades now, the Icelandic branch of the Swedish furniture company has contributed all sorts of fixtures and fittings to the homes of the Icelandic people.

Personally, I have always liked IKEA’s stuff and my experience with it has always been good. I never had any problems with anything that I bought there.

Until now.

In February this year I went to IKEA to buy a kitchen. At the store, I sat down with one of their kitchen experts and after a while we had drawn up the kitchen I wanted. The IKEA employee printed out a long list of items and informed me that only half of the components were in stock but would arrive “the latest next week” and I would get a phone call announcing the delivery. I was excited and looking forward to my first own kitchen.

So far, so good.

The next day, the first shipment arrived. But then, nothing happened. After three weeks, I went to the store again, asking about the second delivery. The IKEA employee checked his computer and then looked at me with surprise: “Everything is in stock now, has nobody called you?”

Since then, everything just got worse. The second delivery didn’t contain the sink. Another inquiry concerning this matter revealed that the sink was never even on the order list. The IKEA employee responsible apologized and admitted he had forgotten. I paid for the sink and when I went to pick it up from the warehouse, I was told (after I had waited for 45 minutes) that they only had one sink left in stock which was broken. Of course I was put on a reservation list and I was also promised a call as soon as the sink arrived “next week.”

Again, I went home without my sink.

Needless to say, neither call nor sink arrived in the following week. Altogether it took countless trips to IKEA and two months until I was finally able to take my sink home. And using a kitchen without a sink for two months is pretty annoying and, well, just sucks.

But that is not all. They had not only forgotten to put the sink on the order list, but also some other items. Then they gave me front covers for drawers instead of a door for one of the kitchen cabinets. I also received a door that was too small for the cabinet. When I went to exchange said door, I was told the door in question wasn’t in stock but on its way to Iceland and I would get a call. Yeah, sure.

Every time I went to IKEA to check on the status of my missing items, the orders had disappeared from my account or the wrong things were ordered. There wasn’t even a record of the two home deliveries I had received.

All I ever heard was “not in stock,” “we will call you,” “next week”.

Last week I finally complained to some guy at the kitchen department. And I think I have been very patient so far. The IKEA employee in question didn’t comment on my complaint and just displayed total disinterest. He couldn’t have cared less. Well, thanks for that!

Except for this one individual, the boys in the IKEA kitchen department are all very nice and friendly though.

I’m beginning to wonder if this company is really as incompetent as it seems and if IKEA Iceland really doesn’t care about its customers at all.

At the least somebody at IKEA could have sincerely apologized for all the inconvenience (which I really had) and given me something (like free meat balls for life) to make amends.

If I had known that ordering my kitchen at IKEA Iceland would be an endless sequence of screw ups, missing items, unfriendly employees, annoyance and waiting, I would have bought it someplace else. Sadly, I chose IKEA Iceland.

As mentioned before, until this year, I had only good experience with IKEA and thought the company was reliable and very customer friendly. I sure as hell changed my mind.

As of today there is still one cabinet door missing and who knows when it will arrive...

Katharina Hauptmann – [email protected]

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