PM and a.m. (PS)


palli-dlI have never understood politics.

And how come great minds, great thinkers, go into politics.

Where the media, bloggers and normal people throw dirt at them, 24/7.

Our PM, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, is one of those great minds. Giants.

How can he stand all this aggression, when his only goal is to save the nation.

He has great plans, plans for those who are up to their necks in debt.

Great plans on how to renew Icelandic culture, to find our long lost roots.

How to deal with international institutes, like the IMF, the European Union, who want a little bit of Iceland.

If not all.

He stands firm, as a rock, as a rock star on stage, for his beloved nation.

We are lucky, the Icelandic nation, that a man of his caliber, is our prime minister.

The only shadow falling on him is that some members of the other coalition party do not see him in the right light. Strange.

But as another great statesman put it in his 2013 New Year’s address (and it was as if it came straight from the mouth of our PM):

“As the political staff of the units concerned, they should firmly establish policy-oriented principles in implementing the Party’s policies and conduct political and organizational work with scrupulous care. By doing so, they should ensure that a great upsurge is brought about in their respective sectors and units. Party organizations, out of maternal feeling, should embrace all the people, take warm care of them and lead them forward to ensure that they share the same destiny with the Party to the end and fulfill their tasks at their posts in a responsible manner.”

This great speaker was Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

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