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palli-dlBaggalútur, a small independent newsroom in Iceland, focuses on publishing small news which slips through the radar of the mainstream media.

Here is one of those stories, which I saw yesterday and thought I would share with the readers of Iceland Review.


"Children in Malawi Start a Countrywide Collection to Help Icelanders


The school children want to complete the collection of funds before their school is closed for good.

They are deeply concerned about hungry politicians, the persecution of fishing vessel owners, and a decrease in private consumption in Iceland. They were also worried about the cold and bad weather in Reykjavík last week.

All the funds collected will go directly to the Institute of Vigdís Hauksdóttir for Icelandic Dumbness."

Páll Stefánsson -

P.S. Here is the original story. Baggalútur is Iceland’s answer to The Onion.

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