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palli-dlNo camera is perfect; it depends on what you are doing, or trying to do.

The top four cameras for me at the moment are:

Canon D1X; fast and furious.

Leica Monochrome; a unique black and white camera with the sharpest lenses on this planet.

Nokia Lumina 1020; a camera phone, always in your pocket and it actually takes very good images.

Sony RX1R; the tiny, tiny FF camera with a super fixed 35 mm Zeiss lens.

All digital, all in alphabetic order.

The Canon and the Sony are the perfect combo but when you put them down, side by side, it is hard to believe that they have the same size sensors. And the Sony has even more megapixels but less than my Nokia phone. Sometimes numbers are hard to understand.  

And of course, I can’t forget the Hasselblad 503CW and SWC905 for film.

I miss them dearly; the square format, the unique quality of the Zeiss lenses, the handling.

My Hasselblad gear is just sitting in the closet, waiting for me.

But soon, I will take them for a ride, for pure photography pleasure.

Páll Stefánsson - ps@icelandreview.com

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