palli-dlThis was a good year.

For some.

A year ago, Syrian refugees totaled 429,823. Today: 2,243,139 and increasing at an alarming speed.

This was the year when the Ugandan parliament set a new law banning homosexuality. If you dare, it’s life in prison.

This law, does not rhyme with the Icelandic reality, having the world’s first openly gay head of state, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir from 2009 to 2013. And her sexual preference was never an issue.

And this was the year Iceland got the world’s worst PM.

It’s not his fault that one in four voted for him and his Progressive Party.

This is the month a war started in South Sudan, a war no one understands.

This was also the year a war ended in Mali, and new one began in CAR.


In Iceland, there was no volcanic eruption, no mayor earthquake, but one big natural catastrophe. Fifty-two thousand tons of herring died in Kolgrafafjörður, a small fjord on Snæfellsnes peninsula, due to a lack of oxygen.

That is 107,061,958 herring, give or take seven fish, with an export value of ISK 6.5 billion (USD 50 million).


And if you like numbers, the Dutch footballer who plays for Turkish club Galatasaray, Wesley Sneijder, in shirt number 10, scored on 11.12.13, at 14.15 GMT, to put Galatasaray in the last 16 of Champions League, with his 17th goal in the CL.


And this is year, I got one year older than I was the previous year.

Páll Stefánsson -

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