Who the … is Bono? (BJ)


benedikt12bwI seem to be the only Icelander who is not on cloud nine over the fact that some guy with safety glasses was in Iceland on New Year’s Eve. He even had a hamburger. Whoa! The guy has to eat. We are thrilled.

I actually do recall Sonny Bono, the American Congressman, who once was the less known part of the Duo Sonny and Cher. But he died long ago when he hit a tree while skiing, didn’t he? So it would have been news that he was in Iceland over the New Year.

But no, my young friends tell me. This Bono is much more famous than, what do you call him, yeah Bono, of course.

I actually called him Sonny, but I must confess that I only know one of his songs. I do remember him on a TV show with a Cher, back then a much less of a plastic object than she later became. They sang I got You Babe at the end of their show. But I digress, for this was not the Bono who was in Iceland at all.

This Bono who was in Iceland is said to be famous for giving benefit concerts, sort of like the guy who did that all the time to get a venue for his own band. I can’t remember his name, but he was once married to this freaky looking woman who died. He did write one good song though: 'I don’t like Mondays.'

We did have some well-known musicians here in Iceland over the holidays. John Grant practically lives here, and Sinead O'Connor came to sing backup voices for him in a TV show. Now that’s celebrities for you.

Then I saw that Björk was at her father’s New Year’s dinner and I presume that most of the biggest Icelandic bands were here as well.

A friend of mine commented on the musician with glasses on Facebook. I had no idea whom he was taking about. Then I learned that one album of a group that this Bono guy had been playing with, 'You Too' it is (or maybe was called) started with the three most spectacular songs ever. I went to YouTube (no connection) and found the album.

In the middle of song 2 I turned it off. I had never been turned on by the sounds I heard.

Now before you start telling me how uncool I am, not knowing this guy or his band, let me list a few of the bands and musicians I have seen live in concert:


Led Zeppelin

The Who

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


Plastic Ono Band

Mark Lanegan

Judy Collins

Leonard Coen

Eric Clapton

John Grant

Jethro Tull

Franz Ferdinand

David Bowie

Bob Dylan

The Rolling Stones

These are the real celebrities to me. I bet they never even eat hamburgers at home, let alone go to a hamburger joint.

Benedikt Jóhannesson [email protected]

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